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12/16/2011 Capitol Report – Sen. Roger Bedford, December 16, 2011

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Senator Roger Bedford

Capitol Report 12-16-2011
It was certainly a pleasure to have our Alabama Development Office Director, Greg Canfield visit Franklin and Marion County recently. I appreciate him taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us.

With the upcoming completion of Corridor X into Birmingham which will become Interstate 22 and the soon to be completed four-lane project of Highway 24 we are moving rapidly forward with our development. There are other highway projects that need to be completed such as the Bear Creek, Phil Campbell, Haleyville Interstate 22 bypass connector route and other projects but I wanted our A.D.O Director to see first hand the progress we were making. It was a pleasure to travel with David Thornell from the CS Industrial Recruitment group and Sherry Price, standing in for Mitch Mays from the Franklin County Community Development Authority.

We had a wonderful day starting out by meeting Rebel Silas at the Brilliant \ Winfield Interstate 22 exit. From there we traveled to Phil Campbell to look at the new industrial site. It is the only site that has North Fork Southern Railroad frontage on it. It also adjoins the four-lane side of Highway 43\13. From there we were able to travel to Russellville and meet at the Franklin County Development Office. We toured the Mike Green Industrial Park, the City of Russellville Spec. Building , traveled to Vina where we toured their Industrial Park and the Spec. Building there as well.

We enjoyed a great lunch at the Grill Restaurant where Representative Johnny Mack Morrow and Representative Dan Boman join us along with Probate Judge Barry Moore, Mayor D.W Franklin, Mayor Bobby Forsythe , City Councilman Brad Bolton, Marion County Commissioners Michael Davis, Don Barnwell and Bobby Burleson, Mayor Rebel Silas , Mayor Phil Segraves. This enabled many of the key elected official of Franklin and Marion County to visit with Greg Canfield and talk about the industrial needs and opportunities that are in Northwest Alabama. We then took Corridor X to Hamilton and toured the Spec. Building and Industrial Park off of Interstate 22 , we also saw the Guin Industrial Park site off Interstate 22 and continued down to the Brilliant \ Winfield exit , here Greg was able to see the Brilliant and Winfield Industrial Parks.

We are very fortunate to have so many well prepared industrial parks which have been done over the years by a combined effort at the State and local level. The old days of showing an industry a cotton field and telling them what you are going to do for them are over with. They want to see progress in motion and we are fortunate to have that here in Northwest Alabama.

I also want to congratulate the fine Marion County High School Red Raiders football team as well as Coach Funk and his find staff, the Band, Cheerleaders and all the tremendous supporters of the Red Raiders. They distinguished themselves on the football field at Bryant Denny Stadium beating Linden in the Super 6 to win the 1A State Championship. As many of you may know, Marion County High School was State Champions in 1972, 72 and 73 so this is their fourth State Championship in modern times. Getting a Mohawk haircut became part of the Red Raiders tradition and I enjoyed watching several of the City Councilmen including Mayor Phil Segraves sporting their new Mohawks as part of their agreement, should the team win. There is nothing like High School Football to bring a city and community together. It was good to see so many folks who’s kids play on different teams there cheering for the Red Raiders. That’s how we should be, bringing our town, county, state and country together in a positive manner. Congratulations goes out to all the football teams that competed and I am hopeful that Alabama will be prepared to take on and beat LSU , bringing home a National Championship to the State of Alabama for 3 years in a row.

I am thrilled to announce that the Alabama Department of Economic Affairs (ADECA) has granted funding for a few of additional entities.   The Town of Hackleburg, which is governed by Mayor Douglas Gunnin, received a $750,000.00 CDBG Economic Development Infrastructure Grant. This grant will be used to assist V.F. Jeanswear rebuild in Hackleburg by providing funds for water, drainage, and other improvements. This project will result in the retention of 150 jobs and the creation of 50 new jobs. We are so thankful to be able to rebuild V.F. Jeanswear after the treacherous tornadoes of April 27, and we welcome the new jobs and opportunities it will bring.

The City of Hamilton received a $117,956.00 CDBG Economic Development Infrastructure Grant to assist the Country Place Assisted Living with water and sewer service. The City of Hamilton made this a reality by committing $23,694.00 in matching funds for this critical project, and I am proud of the hard work and dedication of all our local and state officials in securing this grant. Thanks to the hard work of Mayor Holliday and local officials we were able to obtain these funds that will improve the quality of life of everyone in Hamilton.

The City of Winfield received a $191,240.00 CDBG Economic Development Infrastructure Grant to assist the Country Place Assisted Living by improving Tahoe Road, which will create 27 jobs. The City of Winfield made this a reality by committing $47,810.00 in matching funds for this project. Big thanks to Mayor Rebel Silas and all of the local officials for helping secure these much-needed funds for the community.

The Lawrence County Commission received two grants. The first is an Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant for $95,000.00 to continue the operation of the Lawrence County Drug/Violent Crime Task Force. The second is a Violence Against Women Formula Grant for $92,650.00. This grant will provide a five-person domestic task force in Lawrence County to break the cycle of violence and provide assistance for victims by patrolling in areas with high domestic violence crime rates and are trained in areas of domestic violence investigation to ensure thorough and complete prosecution.

The Pickens County Commission, which is chaired by Commissioner Tim Browning, received a $32,700.00 Violence Against Women Formula Grant to continue the 24th Judicial Circuit Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Unit. This unit prosecutes abuse cases and assists victims in Fayette, Lamar, and Pickens counties. The unit also conducts educational programs to increase public awareness of domestic violence and trains law enforcement on how to recognize the signs of domestic abuse.

As always, thanks to the Mayors, Commissioners, and local officials, as well as the Governor, ADECA Director Jim Byard, and members of the Legislature, who helped obtain these funds that will improve the quality of life for the citizens of Northwest Alabama. I am proud of the hard work and dedication of all our local and state officials in securing these grants.

I want to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

As always if I can be of any assistance to you please contact me at the following.

Alabama State House

11 S. Union Street, Suite 738

Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Phone 334-242-7862

Fax 334-424-9202

Russellville Office

P.O. Box 370

Russellville, Alabama 35653

Phone 256-332-6966

Fax 256-332-6967

Email: senbedford@aol.com

Website: www.RogerBedford.com

Amanda Hovater   Assistant   Roger H. Bedford, Jr.

Senate Minority Leader

Roger Bedford & Assoc., P.C.

Attorney at Law

P.O. Box 370

Russellville, Alabama  35653

(256) 332-6966 – Direct Line Russellville Office

(256) 332-2880 – Law Firm

(256) 332-6967 – Facsimile

(334) 242-7862 – Montgomery Office


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December 16, 2011 at 11:32 PM

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