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02/23/2013 – Food Inspection / Restaurant Report – Sam LeMaster

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Aroma’s (Winfield) 98

Asian Wok (Hamilton) 81

Boar’s Butt (Winfield) 90

Country market and Smokehouse (Nauvoo) 99

Daylight Donuts (Winfield) 80

Dollie’s (Hamilton) 90

Frosty Front (Guin) 93

Garcia’s (Hamilton) 92

Hackleburg School Lunchroom 100

Hamilton High Lunchroom 97

Huatulco (Winfield) 93

LaCasa Fiesta (Guin) 97

Oh! Bryan’s (Hamilton) 93

Plantation Steak House (Gu-Win) 94

Plaza BBQ (Guin) 96

Taco Bell (Hamilton) 98

The Stop Market (Weston) 95

Token No. 4 (Guin Chevron) 86

Walmart Deli (Hamilton) 94

Walmart Supermarket (Hamilton) 94


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February 24, 2013 at 12:40 AM

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