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07/05/2013 – Marion County, AL Weekly News Report – Sheriff Kevin Williams

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1 -DC – Alias
1 – CC – Alias
1 – Driving Under Influence
1 – Public Intoxication
1 – Drug Paraphernalia
1 – Issuing Worthless Checks
1 – Menacing
1 – Domestic Violence 3rd – Assault
1 – Bench Warrant
1 – Obstruct Government Operations
1 – Public Lewdness


Name:  Jachin Haltiwanger
Age:  20
Address-City:   Haleyville, AL
Marijuana 1st
Possession Controlled Substance
Date of Arrest:  06/30/2013
Amount of Bond:  $12,500
Date of Release:  07/03/2013
Arresting Agency: 

Name:  Amy Perry
Age:  33
Address-City:  Winfield, AL
Possession Controlled substance x 2
Driving Under Influence
Resisting Arrest
Date of Arrest:  07/01/2013
Amount of Bond:  $7,500
Date of Release:   07/02/2013
Arresting Agency:  

(All persons charged with a crime are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The charges are merely an accusation unless otherwise stated.)

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Name:  Damion Gruenberg
Age:  24
Address-City:  Bear Creek, AL
Marijuana 1st
Date of Arrest:  06/27/2013
Amount of Bond:  $7,500
Date of Release:  06/28/2013
Arresting Agency: 

Name:  Jonn Sullins
Age:  43
Address-City:  Winfield, AL    
Assault 2nd
Date of Arrest:  06/26/2013
Amount of Bond:   $2,500
Date of Release:  06/28/2013
Arresting Agency:


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July 5, 2013 at 3:24 PM

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