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10/29/2014 – See the Sheriff’s Report Here First! Sheriff Kevin Williams

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sheriff_no_imageChar1 – District Court – Alias
1 – Traffic Court – Alias
1 – Circuit Court – Alias
1 – Driving Under the Influence
2 – Violation Release Order
2 – Marijuana 2nd
2 – Probation Violation
2 – Non-Support
1 – Resisting Arrest
1 – Domestic Violence 3rd – Assault
1 – Disorderly Conduct
2 – Criminal Mischief 3rd
1 – Criminal Trespass 3rd
2 – Theft of Property 3rd
1 – Bench Warrant
2 – Harassing Communication







Name:  Joseph Breclen
Age:  49
Address – City:  Winfield, AL
Theft of Property 2nd
Date of Arrest:  10/23/2014
Amount of Bond:  $5,000
Date of Release:  10/23/2014





Name:  Erin Loving
Age:  45
Address – City:  Albany, New York
Theft By Deception 2nd
Date of Arrest:  10/29/2014
Amount of Bond:  $7,500
Date of Release:  In Jail






Name:  Dusty Wilkerson
Age:  33
Address – City: Winfield, AL
Receiving Stolen Property 2nd
Date of Arrest:  10/25/2014
Amount of Bond:  $5,000
Date of Release  In Jail

The defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

(All persons charged with a crime are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The charges are merely an accusation unless otherwise stated.)

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