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11/28/2014 – Editorial

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This is an Editorial Opinion of Judy Webb Mays:

As the mother of a Police Officer, it is my fervent Prayer for my son to finish each shift safely and go home without incident…every day…but alas, this is not the nature of the job (or Profession). Various incidents happen and he must respond to the best of his training and good judgement…sometimes in an instant. Isn’t he entitled to Justice…To be able to clear his name if he acted according to the codes and training given him to carry out this stressful and exacting job which he has chosen? Each day, there’s the Human Element in his job which is not usually in a job on an assembly line. That night, the job of Officer Darren Wilson went from a call concerning a baby “not breathing” to an all out struggle over his gun by a suspect in a matter of minutes. Can you honestly say, without a doubt, that you wouldn’t have reacted the same as Officer Wilson?

Where’s the Justice for a police officer who was answering calls and doing his job. Does anyone really think about officer Wilson? Going to work that evening at his JOB (his chosen Profession), leaving his family at home, expecting to work his shift as a police officer as usual and to go home as usual…everybody talks about the victim…can we not clearly see the victim in this vicious attack? In the line of duty, Officer Wilson attempted to stop a suspect (whose precise description had been broadcast over the police scanner by this time) who then turned on the officer, attempting to take the officer’s gun away. Who doesn’t realize that a large man (or minor old enough to fight in our Armed Forces), with or without a weapon, can cause lethal damage, especially when charging blindly as was described not only by the officer but by witnesses on the scene. Where’s the Justice for a Police Officer who will now be forever branded by an ignorant (of the evidence of the case) faction of the public whose only objective in this case is to extract a “so-called” Justice from an individual who was doing his duty, protecting not only you and me but that faction? This faction seems hell-bent on destroying not only the officer but his very life for carrying out his duty to the best of his ability.

Beware! You will discourage good, honest, candidates from applying and becoming one of “America’s Finest”! Our Police Officers! Our first line of defense against that criminal element in our neighborhoods. The first to put their life on the line for you and me! Who are you going to call when your life and liberty is threatened?

At the risk of being redundant, being the mother of a police officer, I am appalled at the idea of either “He deserved it” or “The officer deserves to be charged with murder!” Neither of these statements can possibly be “Truth or Justice!” Each incident has a Truth of its own. This incident was examined by a Grand Jury and deemed “No True Bill” which means that there was evidence or the lack of evidence to support five different charges against Officer Darren Wilson. We depend every day on the judgement of Grand Jury Decisions for everyone else so why do people question this Grand Jury Decision? Could it be because the officer has already been tried in the “News Media”? They (the media) can put forth any hypothesis and if that one doesn’t “sell the advertisers” then move on to another one and another one…soon we can just put the away Jury System and watch the “News”.

My Editorial Opinion;
Judy Webb Mays

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Written by 49 County News.Net

November 28, 2014 at 4:48 PM

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