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Be Wary of Scam Posts

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Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of scam posts in local sale groups asking people to flood their newsfeeds for sharing about their missing animal, loved one or house for rent or sale. Please be wary of any of these posts and do your research before sharing it. One good way of telling if it’s a legit post or not, just to check and see if they’ve turned off the comments for that post originally.

It’s a good sign that if they have turned off the comments, it is not a legit post and more than likely a scam of some kind. below are some examples of recent posts that we’re discussing. If there is a legit post for an amber alert or silver alert you should definitely check it out on the local law-enforcement websites. ALEA has a website for these kinds of posts if they are legit.

Link to ALEA Amber Alerts https://app.alea.gov/community/wfSearch.aspx?Type=5&Status=5

Link to ALEA Silver Alerts https://app.alea.gov/Community/wfSearch.aspx?Type=30&Status=5

Don’t fall victim to one of these scams!!

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November 14, 2022 at 7:02 PM

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03/18/2014 – Scam Alert from Hamilton Area Chamber of Commerce

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We have just been notified by one of our board members she received a solicitation phone call at her office wanting her business to purchase advertising for the HHS band. Upon questioning by our board member, the lady hung up on her. This was very similar to a situation last week regarding solicitation of ads for the football team.

We have just spoken with band director Matthew Cicero, and he says the HHS band does NOT have any type of ad fundraising ongoing.

Please be aware of these situations and verify with our schools the authenticity of anyone who is attempting to solicit funds, especially if it is an individual or company that you are not familiar with.

Written by 49 County News.Net

March 18, 2014 at 4:49 PM

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